March 2, 2017:  One month ago, today, I published a blog on the Kelso CPC Facebook page, and wrote that I was going to address the current refugee crisis, “soon.” It has taken longer than I intended, but here is yet another incursion into politics – my politics are informed by a Christian worldview, but this issue is certainly political. This is primarily written to my Christian brothers and sisters, as my thoughts are thoroughly grounded upon a Christian paradigm (thought pattern). The question is: SHOULD refugees from war-torn areas – such as Syria – be allowed to seek asylum in the USA; specifically, should MUSLIM refugees be allowed asylum here? The short answer, in my humble estimation, is YES! Now, I am cognizant of the dangers associated with this! It is possible that we may allow people in here who hate us, and who want to hurt us. I do not hide my head in the sand; while Jesus said to love everyone – including those who hate us – it is equally true that there IS an element within Islam that seeks to “kill the infidel”, and believes that to die while killing said infidels is the only sure ticket to paradise in the afterlife. This is an undeniable reality, and it’s pertinent to this issue. But, to deny asylum to every single Muslim, (this includes limiting this denial to seven nations known to sponsor terrorism) seems both un-American, AND un-Christian! I have heard the relevant arguments from analogy made by so many: “I lock my door at night, not because I hate the people outside my house, but because I love the people inside” – or words to that effect. This analogy rings true to my own ears; I share this sentiment, to a huge degree. However, allow me to answer one argument from analogy with another: This argument fails miserably, because we need to add an item to our analogy. In this case, it’s like we’re keeping people out of our “house” who are being chased by a knife-wielding madman! As a people gathered around a CRUCIFIED and RISEN Messiah named Jesus, do we not have an obligation to intervene and rescue someone in danger of harm, even death? This certainly applies to Syrian refugees; both President Assad’s soldiers, and Islamic State militants are slaughtering Syrians like animals! Men, women, and children are being butchered, Christians and Muslims alike! The ongoing human toll of the Syrian civil war has been staggering, to say the least! So, my take is that we SHOULD welcome all refugees, at least those who are in mortal danger. This is our Christian duty! Someone will object to my premise as follows: “We have our own problems here, homeless people, those in poverty, etc.” I agree; but as followers of Jesus Christ – those whom He has purchased from our sins with His own blood – it shouldn’t be EITHER refugees OR our own needy, but BOTH. Not “either/or”, but “both/and!” We should rescue refugees who are Christians, and those who are Muslims! This is what Jesus would have us to do! Well, there’s my take on this. Do you agree? Let me know! Do you disagree? Then also let me know! All I ask is this: let’s be respectful in our disagreement! I realize that, as someone whose politics are “middle-of-the-road” I open myself to vigorous debate, and that’s fine! May God bless and keep you all – whether you agree with me or not! In Christ’s love, TG, the autistic pastor